The secret to perfect chocolate sails

This week I got to make my favourite type of cake! A drip cake with dramatic chocolate sails.

I just love maIMG_7305king these, from smoothing the buttercream layers to dribbling the chocolate ganache down the side and finally adding all of the chocolate embellishments that make these kind of cakes look so stunningly decadent.


The chocolate sails are the show stoppers on here and here’s a guide on how to make them, it’s really not that difficult!



First melt chocolate in a bain marie (i.e. a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water). You can melt it slowly in a microwave if you want to but I find this method is safer in avoiding burnt split chocolate!


Then spread the melted chocolate on to pieces of greaseproof paper smoothing them out with a cake smoother or palette knife.


Now for the clever bit! Grab a handful of pegs and create pleats in the paper and peg into place, this creates a gorgeous wave in the chocolate and  gives you that sail shape.

Leave aside to set, I prefer to leave them at room temperature rather than the fridge as I find the chocolate can go dull if cooled too quickly and you want to keep that lovely sheen.

Once the sails have set hard, remove them carefully from the greaseproof paper and they are ready to adorn your cake!





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